Great moments in PC gaming: Going on the defensive in Dawn of War 2

With Microsoft’s latest acquisition of Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax Media, it’s made many think about which studios are left for mega-corporations to gobble up. With one big cheque—I like to imagine those comically big cardboard ones—the number of studios under Microsoft’s umbrella has gone up from 15 to 23, and the company now owns several more major gaming series such as The Elder Scrolls, Doom, Fallout and Dishonored. And it turns out, it’s still not done with scooping up studios.

Microsoft’s $7.5 billion ZeniMax haul was the second most expensive video game acquisition in history, with Tencent’s $8.6 billion purchase of Supercell sitting comfortably in the number one spot—just looking at that number makes me wheeze. 

With the battle for exclusive IPs, both old and new, being a main driving force behind these hefty transactions, there have been plenty of rumours around different studio acquisitions over the years. Below is a list of studios that have been suspected of acquisition, have entered into acquisition talks, or that were once the target of acquisition but currently remain independent.  

Hogwarts Legacy trailer

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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment 

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