An old TV plagued an entire UK village with daily internet outages for 18 months

Internet engineers racked their brains for a year and a half trying to figure out why broadband connections for a rural village in Wales would go out every morning. It would happen like clockwork—the internet would be working fine late into the evening, but once 7:00 am rolled around, residents would suffer crippled speeds and even lose their connections entirely for a bit. The culprit turned out to be an old TV. Or more precisely, the electrical interference from a dated television set.

It took 18 frustrating months of troubleshooting and, finally, a hunch to discover the issue. As told by a local engineer with Openreach (via Gizmodo) named Michael, the ISP tried replacing entire sections of cables and frequently ran diagnostic tests, all to no avail—those tests indicated the network was working properly.

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