Apple says Epic is 'marketing' with Fortnite lawsuit, Epic hits back

Epic Games v. Apple continues to be a spicy* lawsuit as the companies file briefs, complaints, declarations, motions, and memorandums back and forth in the ongoing anti-monopoly lawsuit over the iOS App Store. On September 16 Apple filed a response to Epic’s earlier filing requesting Fortnite be restored to iOS, saying that Fortnite can return to iOS as soon as Epic removes the in-app payment system that prompted the lawsuit. 

Notably, the latest Apple filing makes several arguments that Epic has felt compelled to refute. In their opposition brief, Apple writes that “Epic started a fire, and poured gasoline on it, and now asks this Court for emergency assistance in putting it out.” Epic’s earlier motion alleges that removal of Fortnite was ‘retaliation’ for Epic challenging Apple’s monopolistic practices, and that as their suit is relatively likely to succeed, Fortnite should be reinstated immediately. 

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