Deep Rock Galactic gets its first major post-launch update in October

The co-op FPS space dwarf mining sim Deep Rock Galactic will get its first major update since release on October 8, which will add a pair of new mission types with new tools, systems, and tasks, and the Deep Rock Galactic Fall Collection of cosmetics, featuring a swanky lineup of new beards, hairdos, and headwear.

The new On-Site Refining mission type will require players to fill on-site refineries with liquid Morkite, which will require that they be hooked up to Industrial Pumpjacks via “huge, winding pipelines.” Escort Duty, the other new mission type, is a high-risk, high-reward quest for the Ommoran Heartstone. The only way to get it is with the Drilldozer, an autonomous machine capable of piercing the outer shell of the Ommoran—your job is to keep the machine safe and gassed up while it grinds away.

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