Epic's free MetaHuman Creator software is pretty amazing

Epic Games launched MetaHuman Creator this week. It’s a videogame character creation tool, essentially, but it’s free, it isn’t followed by a 140-hour RPG, it runs in your browser (actually in the omnipresent “cloud”), and it can export ready-to-use character models for Unreal Engine projects. To try it, you have to sign up here, and it might take a little while to get your invite.

I’m probably never going to use one of my “MetaHumans” for an Unreal Engine project (which is all you’re allowed to use them for), because that seems hard, but MetaHuman Creator itself is easy to use. And fun. Who doesn’t love a good character creator? You can sculpt features by clicking and dragging parts of the face, as well as blend the features of included faces together, which is so effortless that it seems obvious—I’m sure the trigonometry under the hood is no big deal, right?

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