Football Manager 2020 free on Epic breaks series records: 1M new players, 250K online

Football Manager 2020 is free on the Epic Games store right now, and that has led to a huge surge in players for the nearly year-old game. Sports Interactive studio director Miles Jacobson has said that over 1 million new players have started playing Football Manager 2020 off of the Epic Games promotion. He compared the numbers favorably to the number who tried the game when it was free to play for two weeks on Steam in March of this year.  

“We’ll have more people try out the game on @EpicGames in 36 hours than we had with our Steam free fortnight across 2 weeks!,” said Jacobson on Twitter. As of today, more than one million players have picked up Football Manager 2020 since the game went free to keep on Epic last thursday.  

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