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Former Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime has today unveiled his new company known as Dreamhaven based in Irvine, California.

The new venture intends to “create and publish original games for players all over the world” and already boasts two studios under its wing staffed by several former Blizzard staff known as Moonshot Games and Secret Door.

Moonshot Games is headed up by Jason Cheyes, who was previously an Executive Producer at Blizzard and led the Hearthstone team, Dustin Bowder who was Game Director of Starcraft II and Ben Thompson meanwhile was another Creative Director on Hearthstone.

Secret Door meanwhile is led by Chris Sigaty who boasts an Executive Producer credit on Hearthstone, Starcraft II and Heroes of the Storm alongside Alan Dabiri who worked as a Technical Director on several Blizzard titles, and Eric Dodds, long time game designer on World of Warcraft

There’s no word yet on what projects the two new studios are working on, but Morhaime has said he was “Excited to team up with such talented people who care deeply about games and their communities. I’ve always believed in the power of games to bring people together regardless of backgrounds or boundaries. With Dreamhaven, we look forward to creating and sharing new experiences with players everywhere.”

Morhaine departed Blizzard back in 2019 after stepping down from his role as CEO of Blizzard in October of 2018. 


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