Great moments in PC gaming: Going on the defensive in Dawn of War 2

It’s only appropriate for Dark Souls 3, a game that asks you to be your very best (like no one ever was) to eventually receive a Pokémon mod in which to catch monsters becomes your real test, predicated, of course, on the desire to train them (the cause). 

The Pocket Souls mod is an impressive Dark Souls 3 Pokémon overhaul that adds new weapons, armor, items, boss battles, and, of course, the ability to capture monsters, befriend them, and deploy them against others. Most importantly, you get a little Pokémon trainer backpack.

(Image credit: From Software / Nexusmods: AngusIsLove)

I haven’t had time to poke around the mod too much, but it’s pretty well thought out, both a cute ode to the Pokémon Gameboy games and a legitimate way to play through Dark Souls 3 for the umpteenth time. 

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