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Will we see GTA 6 in 2021? It seems unlikely, but as Rockstar hasn’t yet confirmed its existence, even an announcement would be ample reason to get excited. With GTA 5 selling nearly 110 million copies, and Epic Game Store crashing due to demand when it was the weekly freebie, it’s almost a given that Rockstar would be looking at a new instalment to the popular series. It’s hardly surprising that fans are searching high and low for new GTA news.

Looking at the recent history of Rockstar’s big games, you might notice that big titles have released around four-to-five years apart. If that trend continues, that would put a GTA 6 release date at around 2022/2023—you know, assuming that GTA is indeed the next big project up Rockstar’s sleeve. Take Two’s recent quarterly earnings show that GTA 5 Online is still a big earner and while a lot of Rockstar’s attention is no doubt taken up with updates for both GTA Online and Red Dead Online, it would be surprising if we didn’t have an official confirmation of GTA 6 sometime soon.

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