How to get Blazing Suns in every Hunter Trial in Horizon: Zero Dawn

Hunter Trials are an optional part of Horizon: Zero Dawn, but they’re arguably the most important side quest in the game, as completing them unlocks Horizon’s best weapons. They also serve as a more advanced tutorial of how the game’s mechanics work in a controlled environment, and since they can be repeated, the harder ones are a good place to grab some quick XP. Actually completing them is fairly easy, as they have a 20 minute time limit. To get the highest reward though (Blazing Suns), you’ll need to complete them much faster; sometimes under a minute. 

There are 15 trials in total, arranged into five groups of three. They have a suggested level, but some can be completed much earlier with some clever strategies. Likewise, to get the top speed in the lower level ones, you might need to play through the game a bit more to unlock a weapon that turns the tide.

Nora Hunting Grounds – Level 8

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