Great moments in PC gaming: Going on the defensive in Dawn of War 2

Earlier this month, Intel announced that its 11th Gen Tiger Lake CPUs were on the way to laptops manufacturers, offering a hefty improvement over their Ice Lake counterparts. Today, we’re putting that to the test. Intel has provided us with an internal engineering laptop, based on a familiar OEM design, and we’ve put it through a whole gaming and productivity gauntlet to see how Tiger Lake, the new 10nm SuperFin process, and the Intel Xe GPU hold up across a variety of workloads.

Tiger Lake is able to deliver genuinely playable 720p performance from a number of modern games

Provided to us for a couple of days, this internal laptop isn’t one you’ll find on the shelves, it’s a generic Intel-branded design. I’m sure some of you will recognise it as it is built by a popular OEM who does have an identical design on the way—this, however, isn’t its final form, and as such we’re not allowed to show you the innards. 

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