It's a lot smaller, but EVE Online's mobile spin-off is so good I almost prefer it

I didn’t think EVE Online could translate into a good mobile game. It’s the most complicated and dense MMO I’ve ever played, and its user interface can get so unruly that at some point any dedicated player has probably spent an hour just configuring it. EVE Online is a bafflingly complex game, which is why it ends up creating some of the coolest stories in PC gaming. It’s hard to imagine that experience squished to fit on a phone.

But that’s exactly what EVE Echoes does. It’s an entirely separate game from the PC MMO—accounts and progress aren’t shared—co-developed by NetEase. Released back in August, EVE Echoes is a smaller and simpler version of its big brother, but it’s also much more accessible. I don’t have much time these days to personally invest in EVE Online’s sprawling ecosystem of player-driven wars, political scandals, and skullduggery, but playing EVE Echoes is a surprisingly fun substitute.

EVE’s little brother 

I can’t understate how incredible it feels to play this on my phone.

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