Liberate the US from Soviets in Freedom Fighters, Out now on PC

Danish game company IO Interactive has stealthily brought one of the beloved classic titles from the early 2000s to PC. Starting today, Freedom Fighters is finally available for the first time digitally on PC via Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store.

Originally released way back in 2003, Freedom Fighters was a blast to play with its action-filled adventure to liberate the United States from the iron grips of Soviet Russia. The setting is rather comparable to the cult 80s flick Red Dawn where the player slips into the ranks of a Resistance who is trying to win their country back after an invasion.

Since digital distribution was still very much in its infancy in 2003 – heck, Steam was launched the following year – many titles of that time were only available physically. Almost two decades later, finding a copy of retro games like Freedom Fighters is an arduous task.

Throughout the campaign, you’ll travel to various locations across the city and complete interconnected missions where your actions in one level affect the battles in another. You’ll liberate supplies, scavenge weapons and use the ‘recruit and command’ system to grow the resistance and lead your squad of up to 12 freedom fighters into strategic conflicts. Command a single soldier or your entire squad to scout ahead, defend an area or follow your lead. Be tactical and take the fight to the invaders. They took your freedom. It’s time to take it back.

As such, it’s a blessing that IO Interactive has now made one of its earlier titles easily available on PC. While the original was published by Electronic Arts, IOI has now full ownership of the game and self-publishes it.

To celebrate the return of the series, Freedom Force is discounted by a whopping 33% going for just $9.99. A steal for one of the better third-person shooters of the era. The title will go live on Steam and Epic Games Store today and is already available on GOG without any DRM.

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