Major Marvel's Avengers patch fixes a thousand bugs and tunes a bit too

The first big patch for Marvel’s Avengers is out now, a whirlwind tour of issues both big and small in Crystal Dynamics’ Square Enix published superhero action battle game-as-a-service thing. The V1.3.0 patch is out now on every platform, fixing “over 1000 issues you’ve helped surface these past two weeks” per the developer. Crystal Dynamics says this patch was focused on bugs, but other near-term patches will have more quality-of-life fixes and game tuning.

Most notable for PC players, some people are seeing boosted stability and fewer crashes, as well as better CPU and memory usage, with the new patch. Crystal Dynamics has also added an option to completely disable motion blur, which is the cilantro/coriander of gaming, in that lots of people don’t care about it and the rest of us would rather die than deal with it. Oh, and you can now back up your save.

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