Massive tactical shooter Squad out of Early Access & Massive content update

Offworld Industries has announced that its hugely popular tactical multiplayer shooter Squad has left Steam Early Access and is out in version 1.0 today. Enjoy the launch trailer below!

Squad is one of the best hardcore modern military shooters on the market. Period. That noteworthy title wasn’t handed to the developers on a silver platter either. With years of experience as one of the best community devs, Offworld Industries was already well versed in the genre with Project Reality.

The standalone Battlefield 2 mod is an exceptionally in-depth and polished mil-sim where tactics, strategy, and team play were the key to success. Inventive mechanics like FOBs (Forward Operating Base), light building mechanics, and a heavy reliance on communication with your team elevated Project Reality to stand toe-to-toe with the Arma series.

Take combat to the next level in Squad as you traverse vast environments with your unit. With an increased player count, expect danger around every corner and bolster your ranks to combat the opposition.
Take to the streets of Fallujah, the latest map to join Squad and one of our most dense city environments to date.
With a new map, it only seems right to bring in a new Faction to call it home. Welcome the Middle Eastern Alliance, your local combatants helping to clear out the Insurgents.

Almost five years ago, the team decided to up the ante by creating their own IP with Squad. Utilizing cutting-edge visuals and massive battlefields, the shooter went on to become an instant hit on Steam. It’s to this day one of the most played and highly regarded titles in the tactical shooter genre.

Throughout the years in Early Access, tons of vehicles from trucks to tanks and even helicopters the military experience grew larger and more immersive. It’s a bona fide genre giant. Now, after numerous updates, additions, and improvements, Squad is ready to launch in version 1.0. With huge 50 vs. 50 battles across 20 ginormous maps, Squad is one of the biggest and baddest modern military shooters available.

Together with the jump to version 1.0, Squad now also got a huge content drop. The new Fallujah map is offering a tense urban combat battlefield. Fittingly, the new Middle Eastern Alliance faction is now also added to the game.

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