New Deathloop gameplay trailer shows how to use time loops

Arkane Studio’s inventive shooter Deathloop has a new trailer. It shows in a great practical way how the unique time loop design of the FPS can be utilized by the player in smart ways to kill all your targets and escape the loop for good. Watch the gameplay video here!

The French game creators at Arkane are already well-beloved and highly regarded for creating simply awesome first-person action games that give players immense opportunities for experimentation and freedom. Dishonored and Prey are rightfully among the best FPS games of the generation.

But with Deathloop, the developer is tackling an age-long inherent part of gaming. Dying. And dying a lot. What has been a fairly standard occurrence in almost all games for decades is an integral part of the experience here.

Deathloop is built around being killed by enemies and learning from your mistakes. The only way to escape the endless time loop you find yourself in is to execute eight high-value targets, Visionaries, in one life. But both the odds and ironically time is against you.

The targets aren’t located in one spot but instead scattered across a large island. With the time ticking down, you’ll not only have to learn how to kill each of the eight targets but you’ll have to learn the quirks of each one of them to lure them closer to each other. The trailer does a very good job of explaining this puzzle-like aspect to it by actually showing it, so you totally should watch it.

As if that wasn’t enough to wrap your head around, then there’s also Julianna. A highly-skilled assassin herself whose only goal is to kill you, the player. In Souls fashion, Julianna is an actual real player who can invade your game and foil your plans.

Originally intended as a launch title for the PlayStation 5, Deathloop was delayed into the second quarter of next year which should mean you can expect it to come out on PlayStation 5 and PC between April and July 2021. After a timed-exclusivity period, the game will also come to the Xbox Series of consoles.

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