No Man's Sky Origins update almost remakes the entire game

Hello Games has pushed out the next big update for their universe spanning co-op survival game. Titled No Man’s Sky Origins, this update enhances the planet variety by adding new types, new biomes, overhauled user interface, and much more. Check out the launch trailer for the big update here!

The comeback story of NMS continues with yet another brilliant update. With No Man’s Sky Origins, the unfathomably large universe is receiving a massive improvement in terms of variety and immersion. Something that should be very welcome for space explorers who expect to witness truly alien planets across the vast space of the universe.

The list of changes is really remarkable with the developers having touched, improved, enhanced, or outright newly added tons of new mechanics, systems and features. Some highlight portions of the 3.0 Origins update are new planets. Well, it’s impossible that anyone has set foot on the previous millions of planets already but with No Man’s Sky Origins it’s not about quantity but quality.

New planet and star types will surely make interstellar travel more appealing by adding much-needed variety. On that front, the introduction of new planets makes it possible to offer wildly unique landscapes while keeping the old planets. This way, existing player constructions will remain safe.

But every planet is still going to become more interesting by way of adding new flora, fauna, and weather phenomenons. New cloud technology, tornados, volcanoes, firestorms will dramatically change the player experience by adding a much-appreciated liveliness and dynamic to each planet and its biomes.

There are tons more updates and changes in the new update wich you can read in detail via the official announcement. No Man’s Sky Origins is out today as a free update for everyone on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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