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As promised over the weekend, Hello Games has released the Origins update for space exploration game No Man’s Sky, and it’s a hell of a meaty one.

Seriously, there is so much included in the 3.0 update it’d be impossible to list it all here, but some highlights include an overhaul of the game’s systems to be able to generate new planets with new features on them, including volcanoes, tornadoes and dangerous firestorms to name just a few as well as new fauna and flora such as giant sandworms and even planets with wild robots ala Horizon: Zero Dawn.

There’s improvements to many UI elements like the Multi Tool interface and teleporters, a bunch of new NPC encounters, new lighting effects, the ability to freely explore portals, new enhanced rendering techniques and so much more. For the full list of changes, brace yourself (and possibly your web browser, we really mean it when we say it’s a long one) and click over to the No Man’s Sky website.

The Origins update is available now and you can check out a launch trailer for it below. No Man’s Sky is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.



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