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I spent most of the day yesterday trying to track down No Man’s Sky’s sandworms, which were added in the Origins update. I was operating on the logic that a sandworm probably likes sand—seems sensible—so I visited desert planets, parched planets, arid planets—anything with a cactus and some dirt.

Turns out, based on observations from the community, No Man’s Sky’s sandworms will appear on a wide variety of planets, not just desert types, so seeing one may be a completely random event. Many players have reported seeing them on planets with some radioactivity or radioactive weather, and I finally found my first sandworm this morning on a planet with radioactive humidity. Others report seeing them on lush planets with peaceful weather. Some have spent hours searching, others have started playing and spotted one within minutes. It seems like a crapshoot, so why leave it up to luck?

How to find a No Man’s Sky sandworm

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