Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1080 Ti might be back in production

Buying a GPU right now is a real feat. Apparently though, sending in an old GPU for RMA could yield a brand new, 2021 model Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti. Yes, brand new versions of these four-year-old Pascal graphics cards may have been spotted, cards that we had all assumed where no longer being manufactured having been superseded by the RTX 2080 et al. And that could mean the GTX 1080 Ti is another old card making a comeback.

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In this, the age of the great GPU drought, times are tough. It seems each attempt made by manufacturers to alleviate the GPU stock pressures has been met with either backlash or downright failure. Thanks to intensely rising demand for tech over the course of the pandemic, alongside increased profitability of cryptocurrencies and component shortages galore, the dream of landing a GPU any time this year, for anything near MSRP, has been placed firmly onto the backburner for the majority of prospective buyers. 

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