Outriders Legacy quest: Wreckage Zone and Quarry locations

Completing the Outriders Legacy quest is well worth your time, at least in terms of the quality of your gear. The problem is, you’re going to need quite a chunk of time: Unlike the vast majority of the side quests in People Can Fly’s looter-shooter, Legacy is quite the opposite of a short ‘travel from A to kill person at B’ affair. Its laundry list of tasks takes you to various areas in Enoch, some of which you may not have even unlocked when you start the mission.

On the other hand, you do have a guaranteed Outriders legendary gear reward if you spend the time ticking off the many objectives in the Outriders Wreckage Zone and Quarry areas. Plenty of us have found legendary armour and weapons tough to come by, especially in the game’s early stages, so persist with this mission to beef up your Altered. Without further ado, here’s how to complete the Outriders Legacy quest.

How to start the Outriders Legacy quest

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