Phil Spencer assures Xbox will honor existing Bethesda's PS5 exclusives

Yesterday’s huge announcement that Microsoft acquired ZeniMax released shockwaves across the games industry like very few before. Among the many questions the deal brought with it, arguably none other than the situation of the two in-development PlayStation 5 exclusive games by Bethesda cropped up.

Deathloop by Arkane Studios and Ghostwire: Tokyo by Tango Gameworks were confirmed to launch exclusively on Sony’s upcoming next-gen console. With the parent company, the studios, and IPs now owned by Microsoft, some concerns arose whether these deals would continue.

In a statement to Bloomberg, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer reassured gamers that his company will honor these existing exclusivity deals. Good news for users who were looking forward to Bethesda’s unique FPS titles.

Furthermore, Spencer explained that Xbox plans to release future games developed by the newly purchased studios will appear Day 1 on Xbox and PC via Xbox Game Pass. This is a huge deal. Just imagine being able to play the next Fallout and Elder Scrolls games with just one gaming subscription.

The value proposition of Xbox Game Pass just got a whole lot better after already being a great deal. Good tidings for next-gen. Well, unless you plan to exclusively game on the PlayStation 5 or Switch. Spencer was open that while Xbox and PC will see Bethesda games, other platforms aren’t confirmed. Their versions will be decided by a case by case basis. Meaning, PS5 & Switch users will not get every Bethesda game if any at all.

While the deal with Bethesda or rather ZeniMax might seem as a direct attack against the console leader Sony, in reality Microsoft has its eyes set much wider. The treasure trove of IPs now under their helm will bolster the popularity of the Xbox Game Pass immensely. Microsoft has been approaching an open stance in regard to ecosystems for many years now and this is just the next step.

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