Serious Sam 4 writer aims for a 'positive view of humanity' working together to kill lots of aliens

Devolver Digital released a story trailer for Serious Sam 4 yesterday, which struck me as a little bit odd: Without wanting to generalize too much, I think it’s fair to say that there aren’t too many games that rely less on narrative than Serious Sam. That’s something that developer Croteam is looking to change with the new game, though, by leaning more heavily into the narrative in order to make the world and the characters a little easier to care about.

That process actually began five years ago when Croteam signed The Talos Principle co-writer Jonas Kyratzes and his partner Verena to write the script for the new game. At the time, it struck me as an odd partnership—The Talos Principle is a very narrative-heavy game—but it’s also always seemed bizarre to me that Croteam made a game like The Talos Principle in the first place, so it’s very possible that there are pieces to this puzzle that I’m just not seeing. Regardless of that apparent incongruity, it seems to have worked out.

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