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Publisher PQube has announced that Supermarket Shriek, its madcap co-op shopping-trip-gone-wild adventure will be heading to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam next month.

The game, which released back on Xbox One in June of last year, sees you control both a man and goat stuck together in a shopping trolley trying to navigate their way through multiple obstacle courses and challenges in a supermarket filled with plenty of physics-based objects to contend with as you race to the checkout.

There’s a 38-stage campaign that can be completed both solo and co-op as well as 3 PvP party modes for you and up to three friends to try your hand at, and if you’re feeling brave the PS4 and PC versions even let you control the shopping cart by literally screaming into your mic.

You can check out a preview we did of Supermarket Shriek right over here or watch the video below while the game itself launches on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam from October 23. 


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