Switch-exclusive Monster Hunter Rise revealed for next Spring

Nintendo Switch owners have finally confirmation that they are getting a proper Monster Hunter title. Capcom has revealed that Monster Hunter Rise is going to be exclusively available on Nintendo’s handheld on March 26th. Watch the announcement trailer below!

It was a pretty brutal reckoning for Switch users to see PlayStation 4 and Xbox One enjoy the brilliant Monster Hunter World in 2018. The series became bigger and better in every sense of the word. Not only did the jump from Nintendo systems to the much more powerful consoles mean never-before-seen visuals, but a plethora of improvements and enhancements to the Monster Hunter formula made World one of the best entries.

Comparatively, the Nintendo Switch didn’t get any new Monster Hunter game and had to suffice with a port of Monster Hunter Generations for the 3DS. Understandably, Nintendo fans weren’t too thrilled after being spoiled by Capcom by getting the premier treatment.

The reasons were sound though. The Switch simply is too weak for Monster Hunter World. But Capcom has not forsaken the Switch crowd and with the announcement of Monster Hunter Rise, they are even getting the exclusive treatment.

Slated to come out next March, this entry is promising the full Monster Hunter experience and packs even extras on top. With the introduction of the Wirebug, players are now able to zoom across the world similar to how Spiderman slings himself through dense urban jungle. It looks incredibly fun!

Even better, Monster Hunter Rise will include 4-player co-op so that you and your friends can go on adventurous hunts against giant monsters. Speaking of, four new monsters have been confirmed already with many fan-favorites promised to appear as well.

You can pre-order Monster Hunter Rise on Nintendo’s website for $59.99.

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