The Game Awards 2020 will live stream from London, Tokyo, and LA

Amidst a very bizarre year, Geoff Keighley has revealed that The Game Awards 2020 will indeed take place this year as well. Due to the global pandemic, the show will be held across three locations across the world on December 10.

Keighley told the decision to Variety where we also learn that this year’s event will be held without a live audience. A sensible decision in an age where social distancing has established itself as one of the best strategies to not get infected with COVID.

Still, as with any live show, the reactions and excitement of a large hall filled to the brim with enthusiastic gamers will be dearly missed. Then again, we already got used to it with plenty of digital events taking over the role of E3 this year.

The thing that I’m worried about more than anything is that — there’s so much anticipation for the show — is that we don’t have big games to announce to the fans, then that becomes a disappointment too. So I talked to all the game companies and they’re like ‘no, we’ve got great content to kind of show fans around games,’ and they’re really excited to show that – Geoff Keighley

Since there is no need to hold The Game Awards 2020 in a gigantic hall, Keighley and his team made the decision to split the event across the three major gaming hubs of the world. In locations in LA, London, and Tokyo viewers can look forward to the most personal TGA show to date.

You can expect to see many of the best game studios of the world be awarded for their outstanding works, new game reveals, and plenty of entertainment. Just like in previous years, The Game Awards 2020 will also see the launch of exclusive timed demos, in-game drops, and more.

If you’re uncertain whether the temporary shift to a new format for the show means there won’t be big reveals and many games to show, fret not. Keighley was sure to disperse these kinds of fears by stating the many game companies he’s talked with are very eager to blow away fans. Pandemic or not.

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