The Talos Principle 2 is 'definitely' still happening, Croteam says

I really enjoyed Croteam’s philosophical puzzle game The Talos Principle when it came out in 2014, and so I was genuinely excited when the studio said a couple of years later than Talos Principle 2 “is going to happen.” I had no idea how it was going to happen, given the first game’s very definite, end-of-story finish, but that’s a problem for someone else—someone like, for instance, The Talos Principle co-writer Jonas Kyratzes, who told me in a recent chat that despite the studio’s silence on the matter since the game was announced, it is definitely still happening.

“We’ve had a number of meetings over the last year or so with myself, Verena [Kyratzes] who’s joining the writing team—Verena and I have kind of morphed into being the Croteam writing team, I think—and of course Tom Jubert is also coming back,” he said. “We have planned out the plot of the game, so we know what it’s about. There’s been a very small amount of pre-production, we have some knowledge, some images, some plans, some whatevers.”

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