We now know what a Fall Guy looks like on the inside and it's horrific

Earlier this summer, Fall Guys debuted and became an instant indie darling. Due to being a PS+ game, it gained a massive player base that has followed it intensely. If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s an online game where you play as these cute creatures called “Fall Guys”.

You participate in mini-games like races and obstacle courses, gradually eliminating players until there is a winner. Of course, everyone wonders what *is* a Fall Guy. Why are they participating in these deadly games? Are they human? Are they even sentient? There are plenty of theories but today, we have some answers. The game’s official Twitter released an image that shows what the inside of a Fall Guy looks like.

It’s fucking horrific. It’s genuinely traumatizing. They are six feet tall and have these terribly shaped skeletons that bend, almost as if they don’t fit in their bodies. Their eyes are not sitting in their skulls but are instead stretched out by some sort of connective tissue. They also have eyelashes but they’re INSIDE OF THEIR BODIES.

You can see the truly demented images below.

I actually want to wash my eyes out with bleach after seeing that. Fall Guys has pretty weird lore and this just continues that. They apparently continue to compete in these games because it’s all they know. They have no lives outside of the games and they have no mouths. They can, however, scream or make noise but it’s muffled because they have a voice box. It’s twisted and the cute nature of the games is a facade for the true darkness inside.

The game is now in its second season on PS4 and PC. There are no current plans to bring the game to other platforms but it hasn’t been ruled out.

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